Future Builders

So many kids love to build, the lucky ones keep building when they grow up. Many kids are born with the desire to build; however, all to often the very adults who should be encouraging kids to foster and grow their talents are instead leading them into careers that will never satisfy them. If a […]

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Everybody is the CEO of their own small business, YOU Inc.

Everybody is the CEO of their own small business YOU Inc.. No matter who you are or what you do you are the CEO of your own business. When you go to work with a company you are not giving up your CEO position you are agreeing to combine your efforts with all the other […]

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Builders planning out a project

3 Traits We Look for in Leaders

It’s a given that when we interview a potential supervisor, they need to be knowledgeable and experienced. Figuring out whether they have what it takes is normally pretty easy. Anybody that has been around for long enough knows very quickly whether somebody is full of shit or knows what they’re talking about. That includes the […]

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Team of builders working together

Who Is Going to Fill Their Shoes?

George Jones asked a great question, “Who is going to fill their shoes?” With each passing day, the bridge builders that came before us are passing away. There is so much we can learn from them, but we are often too proud to ask questions and listen. Once they are gone, their hard-earned knowledge goes […]

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The team at Carolina Bridge gathered around a meeting table

People Who Fit in Our Culture

Finding a place to work that has a culture that fits you is one of the keys to happiness. Most people spend more time with people at work than with their own families. The good thing is you get to pick where you work. Somebody can be an absolute rock star in their field working […]

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Group of Carolina Bridge workers talking

Don’t Work Too Hard

Why is it acceptable to tell somebody, “don’t work too hard”? You would never tell someone to half-ass a job, or to make sure they screw off ― which is exactly what they’re saying when they say, “don’t work too hard.” The bigger issue is by telling somebody to not work too hard, you are […]

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